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Here at Buckskin Evangelical Church we are passionate about the community, which is why we have our rooms available for hire at reasonable cost. We have a variety of room sizes available, plenty of space and 2 kitchens. You are very welcome to come and have a look at the different rooms before deciding which one(s) to book. Please see below for all details.


Our Oak Room is a large multipurpose hall, so whether its a children's birthday party, baby shower, meeting or another event, this room will provide a large space for whatever you need it for.

The room is 23ft by 42ft which is a total of 966sqft.


Our Juniper and Olive Rooms are available for hire separately or together. They are each smaller meeting rooms when the wall partition is across, or they can be booked together as 1 larger room.

Individually the rooms are each 18ft by 12.2ft which is a total of 220sqft, but together they are 440sqft.



Matthew and Helen Skirton spent many years serving God with OM across Eastern Europe before returning to the UK.  They have 5 children.  Matthew is OM UK director, while Helen heads up hospitality at the UK headquarters.


Buckskin supports a range of local mission organisations, including Basingstoke Foodbank, Besom, Money Lifeline and Healing on the Streets (HOTS).

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TLG is a charity that helps churches to bring hope and a future to struggling children.  

Buckskin runs an early intervention project in partnership with our local primary school, offering mentors who work with one child, for one hour a week, for one year.  The programme's overall aim is to reduce a child's anxiety and increase their self esteem and aspiration.  They also activity engage with parents and offer support.


Buckskin Pantry has been set up in association with the charity, Community Food Link, Basingstoke.  They collect food that is near its sell-by date from supermarkets around the town and drops it off at various distribution points to be shared out among those in need within the community. Buckskin Pantry is open Every Thursday from 11am-12:30pm to those in our community. 

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Buckskin is part on One Church Basingstoke, the network of local churches across the town and surrounding area.  It exists to foster closer relationships and greater unity between churches. 

One Church supports both town wide ministries, and also seeks to encourage and support Church leaders.  Our pastor, Will Ross, is currently Chairman.

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