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In 2023 our vision has been shaped by the words of St Teresa or Avila and the teaching of St Paul

Christ has no body but yours,

No hands, no feet on earth but yours,

Yours are the eyes with which He looks

Compassion on the world,

Yours are the feet with which He walks to do good

Yours are the hands with which He blesses all the world

Paul teaches throughout his letters that the Church is the Body of Christ.  This year, we want to build up His Body in Buckskin, using our hearts, hands and feet to minister to the community and introduce them to Jesus

His Heart - we want to build each other up through developing connections, both with each other, and with Jesus through teaching, fellowship and developing spiritual rhythms and practices.

His Hands - we want to minister to our community through a number of practical projects that will make a difference to those around us.  We also want to encourage people to step up into what God has called them to within the Body as well, identifying and using their gifts to build His body. 

His Feet - how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news- we want to look out this year, to bring the gospel to those who desperately need to hear of His love, hope and life.


Our DNA is simple.

We want to know Jesus. We want to encourage everyone who calls our church home, from the youngest to the oldest, to know Jesus more. We believe that a deep, strong, vibrant relationship with Jesus is essential, so a lot of what we do is based on helping people to know Jesus more.

We want to follow Jesus. We recognise that the best human life ever lived was Jesus’ life. So we want to follow His example and try to lead lives of love and service. Which is tough! So our aim is to help and encourage one another through teaching on a Sunday, and through sharing life together during the week.

We want to share Jesus. Jesus said we are to go out and tell other people about the amazing gift of life and forgiveness called salvation. It’s truly fantastic news! At Buckskin we are committed to telling those, both near and far, about the wonderful love of God, and His great mercy and forgiveness that can be ours because of Jesus.

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Our DNA is underpinned by 5 core values:


We want to empower people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus


We want to go in Jesus' name to those who are near and far


We want to honour God through adoration and acts of service


We want to be generous with all God has given us


We want to be a caring community where everyone is valued

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