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We started just over 50 years ago in 1968, when 5 couples felt God calling them to serve a new community being built in Basingstoke-Buckskin. Those 5 couples courageously stepped out in faith, and started to meet-praying, worshipping and sharing communion together. Since then the church has continued to grow, both in terms of the building itself, but also in numbers. But the heart, the DNA of Buckskin Evangelical Church remains the same. We want to know Jesus more, and to help others to know Him more too.

As an independent church we are completely self funding, relying on the goodness and generosity of God, and the generosity of our church members who give financially towards the running of the church.

We have a friendly, informal style of worship in our Sunday meetings, and encourage everyone, from the very young to the not-so-young, to develop and deepen their relationship with God through prayer, bible study, worship and acts of service.

We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance's basis of faith (click here)

We want to see every person, no matter how near or far, given the opportunity to hear about the amazing good news of Jesus Christ. We actively support a number of missionaries and mission organisations in order to do this, as well as challenging ourselves to be intentional and invitational when it comes to sharing the gospel- the good news about Jesus.

If you are reading this website, then we’d love for you to come and see more for yourself.

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